Friday, January 7, 2011

NY Times Arts Beat Blog--Why Waiting To Review Makes Sense

Above is a link to an Arts Beat blog post by Charles Isherwood which mentions the fact that I took issue with Jeremy Gerard covering Spiderman and noting that Jeremy has succeeded me at Bloomberg after having been my editor. Here is my feeling about that:

            I don’t enjoy unfinished things. I don’t want to see unfinished shows for review. I can patiently wait for the designated time to review, whenever the invitation comes. If a show draws attention to itself by huge cost, injured cast members, and repeatedly delayed openings, so be it. The papers can publish articles about that, and so discharge their reportorial duties and cater to public curiosity. There are always plenty of other shows ready for review. And if some modest, three-performance-apiece experimental series doesn’t want critics at all, fine; the audience who are interested can buy the cheap tickets and be their own critics.
            These are my views, quite irrespective of those of Jeremy Gerard, my former editor and now successor at Bloomberg News. If Bloomberg News wants to spend the money saved by firing me on buying tickets for shows, however distant, expensive or inexpensive, to be pre-reviewed by him, so be that too. I may judge it, but certainly not begrudge it.

I'm enjoying looking out the window on this snowy day.  

Tonight I appear on Theater Talk with Jacques Le Sourd and Terry Teachout.  The episode will be shown 30 minutes after midnight on Channel 13 and then be repeated several times over the weekend on CUNY.

I'll post an essay soon--- on vampires!


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